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Why Industry Standard Game Metrics Don’t Matter (Enough)

Posted on Posted in Blog - Insights

We have lots of conversations with game publishers. Oftentimes, those early discussions about dynamic pricing turn to a discussion about data what they’re seeing in their analytics. They’ve got dashboards filled with “the standard KPIs” and now they’re wondering: what do those KPIs mean, and how do they act on them.

The challenge is that most analytics tools people use are just measuring big picture results. While it is good to have fingertip access to metrics like ARPDAU and conversion rates, they don’t deliver actionable insights or help guide decision-makers trying to improve game performance.

To help address this, Scientific Revenue CEO Bill Grosso wrote an article in Gamsutra on Why Industry Standard Game Metrics Don’t Matter (Enough). In it he explains why some of the more common analytic metrics used are not sufficient for making good decisions, and provides tips for what can be helpful.

We will be following this up with a series of blog posts around Key Performance Indicators that we think game owners should be looking at regularly. Stay tuned.

“Scientific Revenue’s dynamic pricing technology is a huge win for developers. We’re very pleased they are now pre-integrated into SDKBOX and can easily be added to any Cocos2d-X game or application. Chukong has been working with Scientific Revenue for 2 years, and we’re excited to take the relationship to the next level.”

Kai Zhao
Kai Zhao GM, Chukong USA

“Scientific Revenue can help any publisher maximize their hard earned development dollars. I'm proud to be associated with such a ground breaking company.”

Jack Tretton
Jack Tretton Former President and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Americas

“Scientific Revenue's combination of machine learning and predictive analytics provide developers with the equivalent of a 25-person team of expert data scientists and engineers focused on boosting profits. They enable game designers to focus on making great games while feeling secure that they will meet and exceed their revenue goals.”

Chris Carvalho
Chris Carvalho Gaming executive, Scientific Revenue advisor


Games using Scientific Revenue technology have been downloaded over one hundred million times.

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