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8 Questions About Dynamic Pricing

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There was a lot of feedback Bill Grosso’s earlier Gamasutra article on dynamic pricing and personalized offers in gaming. There were also a few mischaracterizations of what is dynamic pricing and what it means to the gaming eco-system. This FAQ helps to set the record straight by providing explanations and addressing the underlying concerns associated with dynamic pricing. You can read the Gamasutra article here.


Dynamic Pricing, Personalized Offers, and Modern Gaming

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Zynga sparked some controversy with its CSR2 random pricing experiments. Frankly, though poorly executed, we were surprised to learn that there was discussion and surprise among gaming professionals.  In his Gamasutra post Bill Grosso shares how a sophisticated data-driven approach to dynamic pricing and personalized offers is a best practice used by top mobile gaming companies today. You can read the full article here.


How to design annuities for your mobile game

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Ted Verani, VP of Business Development, was a featured speaker in the Monetization track at Pocket Gamer Connects in San Francisco.  First he describes what an annuity is and why important, and then he offers five rules of thumb to get you started and on your way to structuring an effective annuity monetization strategy. The article includes entire video from presentation.

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