William Grosso

CEO, Co-Founder
Bill Grosso

William “Bill” Grosso has been helping games become more profitable for almost a decade. A seasoned technology veteran, Bill has two decades of experience in building innovative, customer-centric products and delivering high performance software.

Bill is well-known as an expert in artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization, and predictive analytics. He speaks frequently spoken at industry events, most notably at nucl.ai (where he has both keynoted and presented in the data science track), PocketGamer, and Casual Connect (where he also helped to write the monetization slides for Casual Connect University). You can see videos of some of his talks on our resources page, or on YouTube. You can also view many of his presentations on Slideshare (here and here) and read his articles on Gamasutra and PocketGamer.

In his previous role as CTO and SVP of Product at Emergent Payments (formerly LiveGamer), Bill provided a scalable micro-transaction platform to leading industry clients such as EA, Sony Online, and Take 2. Prior to that, he’s held executive positions in both engineering and product organizations, served as a board member of SVForum, and spent 3.5 years as a research scientist in artificial intelligence at Stanford University. He has written two books on software design, translated a book on hyperbolic group theory, and has authored or co-authored more than 50 scientific publications.

Bill has an M.A. in Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley.

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