Case Studies

On Annuity Design - Pocket Gamer London 2017

Here are slides from Ted Verani’s presentation at Pocket Gamer Connects London, where he shared how you can leverage your daily login reward to structure an effective annuity monetization strategy, including tips for determining how to set the offer.

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The Case for Monetization Design

Here are slides from Bill Grosso’s presentation at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, where he made the case for making monetization decisions earlier in design process, and highlighted some interesting trends including designing for annuities.

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In the Past Three Years

Slides From Scientific Revenue CEO William Grosso's SVIEF Keynote, where he discusses the accelerating pace of change in the modern gaming industry. Joint with SuperData Research.

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Dynamic Pricing in Mobile Games

Slides from Scientific Revenue CEO William Grosso's Keynote at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries (, in which he discusses the design and architecture of adaptive systems for pricing.

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Scientific Revenue and R

A talk on segmenting behavior, economic analysis, and supervised learning given by Scientific Revenue CEO William Grosso at the Bay Area useR Group (R Programming Language).

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Designing Games for Optimal IAP 2017

Ted Verani moderates this informative panel at Casual Connect in Seattle with experts from Bandai Namco, Backflip and Blastworks, including lessons and tips for designing F2P mobile games that deliver great experiences and monetize well.

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Causal Inference, Reinforcement Learning, and Continuous Optimization

This is Bill Grosso's talk at the 2016 Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries ( The thesis of the talk is that "game analytics" needs to get past "A/B Testing" and "Predictive Aanlytics" and adopt techniques and ideas from the reinforcement learning community in order to make real and substantial progress.

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“With Scientific Revenue, we can turn our free-to-play games into profit centers. Their dynamic pricing engine does the hard work – so that we don’t miss out on any potential revenue.”

Steven Wade
Steven Wade Founder, Game Space Entertainment

“Now that consumers have started to accept spending on digital goods and services, content publishers will have to combine economic theory and advanced data science to best service their audience. Scientific Revenue offers such a service, which I strongly recommend.”

Joost van Dreunen
Joost Van Dreunen, Ph.D. CEO at SuperData Research

“Scientific Revenue understands how to optimize pricing. We understand how to make great games. They help us make more money without diverting our resources.”

Justin Gary
Justin Gary CEO, Stone Blade Entertainment