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Chris Carvalho

Scientific Revenue is proud to announce that Chris Carvalho has joined our advisory board. Chris spent four years as Kabam’s COO, guiding it from 25 people to 700+ employees and over $360M in revenue. Prior to Kabam, he was Head of Business Development at Lucasfilm, running the company’s Internet division and

When asked why he joined Scientific Revenue, Chris said "F2P gaming is still evolving and part of that evolution is the monetization -- allowing the small developer to do better than just to keep the lights on and the larger developer to consistently find themselves in the top grossing lists. Scientific Revenue's combination of machine learning and predictive analytics provide developers with the equivalent of a 25-person team of expert data scientists and engineers focused on achieving their revenue goals. I'm excited to be working with a company that enables game designers to focus on what they do best – making great games – while feeling secure that they will meet and exceed their revenue goals."

We’re delighted to have him on board and contributing from his vast store of experience in gaming and in F2P monetization.