Pokemon GO’s Impact on Smaller Developers

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The launch of Pokémon GO saw it race to the top of the charts at unprecedented speed. It seems like everyone and their uncle are playing and talking about Pokémon GO.

One would naturally surmise that this monster hit would have a negative impact on other mobile games. However, according to App Annie that is not the case. Instead, they report that “Pokémon GO’s success has not come at the expense of other mobile games or apps,” and conclude that its impact has been additive to overall usage and revenue.  This analysis covered all games and so included games at the top of the charts, which claim the lion’s share of overall revenue.

What about direct impact to games further down the rankings?

Scientific Revenue Economist Isaac Knowles analyzed three very different mobile games in our system and shared his findings in his Gamasutra post “Pokémon GO's Impact on Smaller Developers.”  He found that there was an impact on smaller game developers. He also noted that there are things that developers can do to protect themselves when faced with the next massive mobile game release.  Read his Gamasutra post for more details.