Scientific Revenue Publishes First Mobile Game Monetization Best Practices Report

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As PocketGamer's Jon Jordan is reporting today, we are very proud to release our first mobile game monetization benchmark report. It draws on in-depth surveys of leading game developers and publishers -- most with millions or hundreds of thousands MAU -- along with Scientific Revenue data and recommendations. A free copy is now available to everyone in the industry: Click here to download and read.

Here's some of our key findings:

●      Virtual currency for IAP is nearly ubiquitous: Among developers who use IAP (almost all surveyed), nearly 88% monetize by selling virtual in-game currency, with the vast majority reporting Good to Great results.

●      Engage in more country-specific pricing: Only a minority of developers surveyed adjust or experiment with IAP pricing based on geography -- both of which Scientific Revenue strongly recommends in order to best capture large markets in developing regions where Google and Apple have introduced special pricing tiers.

●      Experiment with holiday/weekend IAP sales: While 28-38% of developer respondents don’t engage in weekend or holiday-themed IAP sales, nearly 60% of those who do report that such sales yield Good or Great results.

●      Revisit pricing post-launch: Surprisingly, 25% of respondents set IAP prices in the design or Alpha phase, and do not revisit prices post-launch.  Scientific Revenue recommends revisiting prices on a regular basis after the game has been launched, so that prices can be adjusted, tuned, and optimized based on user activity.

●      Optimize prices according to player: Only 40% of developers sell IAP at different prices to different players. Internally, Scientific Revenue sees revenue increases of 20 to 40% through targeted dynamic pricing of IAP.
Click here to get a free copy. And if you have any follow-up questions, please drop us a line.