How much should a game charge for 1000 gold coins?
It depends. What’s the game, and who’s playing? And are you sure it should be 1000 gold coins?

If you want to work on a system that answers questions like these, using machine learning and big data, then we should talk. We’re tackling a complicated problem that hasn’t been solved before. The applications for our technology extend far beyond gaming to industries and verticals with hundreds of billions of dollars in end-user spend.

We’re looking for…

We want people with a deep and compelling curiosity about the way things work. People who are both numerate and literate. People who understand that the data science analog of Linus's law – "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" – is: "With enough information, and a deep knowledge of statistics, you can make astonishing predictions."

Does that describe you?

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