Scientific Revenue's Bill Grosso Explains SDK Fatigue in VentureBeat Article

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Congrats to our partners Chukong Technologies, who just announced that they are spinning off their incredibly popular SDKBOX into a separate company. We're proud to be the dynamic revenue pricing service integrated in SDKBOX, and have high hopes for this technology in the future of mobile game development.


Speaking of which, our CEO Bill Grosso is a featured expert quoted in VentureBeat's February 11th report on the spin-off:

SDKBOX addresses the problem of SDK fatigue, where game company engineers have too many SDKs to manage. If one crashes, the game crashes, as pointed out to me by William Grosso, CEO of Scientific Revenue, in a recent interview. Developers have to be diligent about auditing their third-party services, such as an ad monetization engine, so their games don’t become bloated. SDKBOX is supposed to relieve developers of that burden of policing dozens of third-party services.

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