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Scientific Revenue’s Bill Grosso Featured on Pocket Gamer Forecasting 2016 Monetization Trends

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Next month our CEO Bill Grosso will be heading overseas to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects London, where he’ll share his thoughts on mobile game monetization trends. In today’s guest post for, Bill has a preview of those forecasts -- here’s his first:

#1 Massive international smartphone growth leading to new IAP tiers

… as the global reach of smartphone games becomes clear, the major app platforms are quickly adjusting to meet varying demand, offering in-app purchase tiers which are sensitive to the local economy. To take a single example, consider India, with a smartphone market predicted to reach 300 million by this year, and to overtake the US by 2017. Thanks to some forward thinking from Google Play in that country, it's already possible to make Android-based IAPs in India for as little as 10 rupees, i.e. about $0.15 cents… Those nickels and dimes will quickly add up to hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue - and inspire calls to further spread affordable IAP pricing tiers around the planet, from Southeast Asia to Eastern Europe to South America, and eventually, Africa.

Read the rest here. Bill’s other four trends are:

  • “Feeder Apps” to Drive Monetization

  • Using Video Ads to Increase In-App Purchases

  • Growing Awareness of Mobile Game Ad Fraud

  • Goodbye Premium, Hello Shareware (AKA DLC)

Bill extends a special thanks to game designers Tadhg Kelly and Steve Sadin of Turbine for their feedback on these forecasts.

If you’re going to Pocket Gamer Connects and want to meet with Bill in London, get in touch with us to request a meeting.