VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi Profiles Scientific Revenue

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We loved reading Dean Takahashi’s VentureBeat interview with our fearless CEO this week because it captures the essence of what we’re doing here at Scientific Revenue and where we fit in the mobile gaming ecosystem.

Hope you read and share the whole article, but here’s three of our favorite passages:

Most game developers don’t have degrees in economics. Scientific Revenue wants to offload the task of dynamically pricing virtual currency in mobile games ... that’s crucial because many companies are having a tougher time surviving because user acquisition costs are rising steeply for free-to-play games.

Scientific Revenue believes that pricing is complicated because people are complicated. People respond in different ways to prices at different times. So why should game companies offer the same prices to everyone? To maximize revenues, Scientific Revenue employs user profiling and tailored pricing.

If you don’t price correctly, you don’t have access to a market of 1.3 billion people in India,” Grosso said. “A good side effect is retention. You have someone who now spends in a game, and they hang around longer. It’s not about raising prices to gouge people, but lowering prices because they have less disposable income.

VentureBeat’s story is just the start of our plans to tell the Scientific Revenue story to the mobile game industry - stay tuned!