Server Engineer

Help build out and scale our data collection and pricing engine as we grow.  As a member of our server team,  you’ll be responsible for design and implementation of new features and services that help us collect and analyze data to deliver real time dynamic pricing.  You’ll define extensions to our data model, you’ll help partition the architecture into microservices and define their APIs. Depending on your experience level, you will also help mentor other engineers and lead teams on new projects.


  • At least 2 years of experience.
  • You should have experience writing code to handle concurrency.
  • You should know SQL and how to design schemas for relational databases.
  • While our real-time server is primarily written in Java, we’re open to candidates without Java experience if they can demonstrate expertise in a comparable language.


  • Java, with the Play Framework including extensive use of Akka actors
  • Mysql and Redis data stores
  • Amazon AWS cloud services (including RDS, Aurora, etcetera)
  • Docker, CoreOS and etcd for deployment
  • Github with pull requests reviewed by team members

To apply, send a cover letter and your LinkedIn profile to