Pricing is complicated because people are complicated.

Different people respond to different prices at different times. So why offer the same prices to everyone? To maximize revenues, you need sophisticated user profiling and prices that are tailored to specific users.

Scientific Revenue’s cloud-based infrastructure provides personalized, profit-maximizing prices for all of your users. We handle the complex functions of player behavior data mining, data analysis, real-time segmentation and per-user pricing, so that you don’t have to.

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The Scientific Revenue Pricing Cloud™
The Scientific Revenue Pricing Cloud

The Client-Side SDK

Easily integrate Scientific Revenue into your game or application. Our SDK is architected for zero end user impact, letting you make pricing changes without an app store update.

The Pricing Engine

Know for sure that your pricing is always optimized. We analyze hundreds of pricing signals, applying customized models and asynchronous machine learning for profitable results.

The Pricing Console™

Get total visibility into how your prices are affecting revenue. You’re always in control – use our recommendations, create your own rules, or simply let us handle it for you.

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Scientific Revenue is designed to be the only solution you need to maximize your in-app revenue. Manage prices yourself, or rely on our pricing experts.
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Android and iOS
Complete support for Android & iOS
With lightweight SDKs for Android and iOS, you can deliver prices that convert across all your mobile platforms.
Dev Environments
Already integrated into most development environments
We offer integrations for Unity, Cocos2d-X, Corona, Moai, Apportable, and Adobe Air, plus support for native applications. New engines are added on a regular basis.

“With Scientific Revenue, we can turn our free-to-play games into profit centers. Their dynamic pricing engine does the hard work – so that we don’t miss out on any potential revenue.”

Steven Wade
Steven Wade Founder, Game Space Entertainment

“Now that consumers have started to accept spending on digital goods and services, content publishers will have to combine economic theory and advanced data science to best service their audience. Scientific Revenue offers such a service, which I strongly recommend.”

Joost van Dreunen
Joost Van Dreunen, Ph.D. CEO at SuperData Research

“Scientific Revenue understands how to optimize pricing. We understand how to make great games. They help us make more money without diverting our resources.”

Justin Gary
Justin Gary CEO, Stone Blade Entertainment